Responsive Cultivate title

Cultivate: Before Time is a twee farming adventure about a quaint village transported back in time, and its inhabitants learning to adjust to life in their new prehistoric setting.

The player is invited to explore the quaint village, prehistoric terrain, rugged moorland and mysterious caves in search of resources, tools and knowledge, learning to cultivate their land and survive in another time. Along the way, the player forges friendships, tames dinosaurs and crafts useful items, all while solving mysteries.

The Player starts by building their own character: They choose their name, appearance, gender and sexuality. They make the journey from crowded, polluted city, to countryside to visit their quirky scientist sister who is keen to demonstrate her latest inventions. When she mistakenly uproots and propels the whole village of Thyme-on-Weir back in time, the Player must figure out what happened and decide whether to return to the present.

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