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Introducing Cultivate's Dinosaurs!

07 Oct 2020
Written by Jenny

When we describe Cultivate: Before Time, we often say it’s a game of farming, mysteries, and dinosaurs. The response to this has been very positive (thank you!) and we’re excited to share our love of dinosaurs!

We’re not sure why (apart from their inherent awesomeness) but dinosaurs appear to delight people, and a farming game where you’re living in prehistoric times and uncovering a story has happily resonated with others.

We’re making this blog post to introduce a couple of our dinosaurs to you!

The first is our triceratops:

Cultivate: Before Time's triceratops.

There are several of these giant cow-like animals wandering around in our Cultivate game. They’re gentle and just want to munch on ferns or whatever other plants they find (so be careful when planting your vegetables!)

The second is our velociraptor:

Cultivate: Before Time's velociraptor.

These are tiny and cute and are misrepresented in current media.

The third is gastronis:

Cultivate: Before Time's gastornis.

A dinsoaur that’s a bit like an emu!

There are no dangerous dinosaurs in Cultivate: Before Time - it’s a relaxing game, so there are no terrifying carnivores running around wanting to eat you. All of the mean ones happen to be separated from the areas you can access.

We’ve got a long list of dinosaurs that will be in the completed game - we’ll share more of them soon! We hope you’ll follow our dinosaur farming game - we have a mailing list you can join for updates (and a future demo).

And to answer a very important question we’ve been asked, yes: you can pat the dinosaurs.

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