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Relaxing Games

17 Feb 2020
Written by Jenny

We love relaxing games here at Fox Tor Games! We’re fans of farming games (including those with what we call “mild peril”, like Stardew Valley), but our favourite relaxing games are those without any violence at all. We’ve also seen these called “pacifist games” which describes them quite well.

We’ve designed Cultivate: Before Time to be in this category - it’s a relaxing game where you can take the time to explore, have a chat, do some farming (including prehistoric farming!), and solve some cosy mysteries.

I also made Terroir, a winemaking tycoon game for General Interactive Co., working as a freelance coder. My favourite review was one by the website Autostraddle - Making Imaginary Wine While The World Burns - partly because that’s an awesome title, and partly because I read that site, and finding the game I worked on appear on it as I scrolled down their page one day was very exciting!


We’d very much like the world to not burn, but if it does for a while, hopeful, positive games might help us cope with it and imagine a happy future.

We’re hoping Cultivate: Before Time will be one of these (a hopeful, positive game) - that’s why we’re making it - we’re aiming to combine time travel, a story (written by Gwen), a diverse community, and dinosaurs to make something really awesome.

But to make it awesome, we need your help!

Cultivate: Before Time - on the farm.

Your feedback is invaluable to us, so if you have a free moment, sign up to our mailing list to get a demo version of the game (once we have one!) and updates on how it’s going, and/or email/Tweet/Instagram us!

There are several games that are already out or coming out soon that are in the relaxing games categories. Here are a few that we’re really looking forward to playing:

Way to the Woods - made by Anthony Tan and described as a pacifist game about a deer finding its way through a post apocalyptic landscape. It looks beautiful, and we can’t wait to play it!

Unpacking - made by Witch Beam. It’s a game about unpacking in a new home, and choosing where to put all the things. It sounds oddly relaxing and lovely to play. It’s described as part Tetris, part home decoration.

A Short Hike made by Adam Robinson-Yu - this is an exploration game about hiking up a mountain. This one’s already out and is near the top of my “play soon” list.

There are a lot of other awesome relaxing games out there - what are your favourites? We’d love to know!