A quaint village game with a difference...

20 May 2019
Written by Gwen

We live within driving distance (or cycling, if we’re feeling brave!) of Devon’s beautiful, rugged Dartmoor in one direction and Cornwall’s quaint villages in the other. When we venture to the tors of Dartmoor, the streams, the woodlands, or to the villages dotted around the Cornish peninsula, we are reminded that there is something about these places that draws us to them.

A quaint postbox.

In the game we are working on, our mission is to capture this sense of place. Cultivate: Before Time is a combination of farming and a mystery-based branching narrative. It’s Stardew Valley meets Oxenfree with a prehistoric sci-fi twist.

It’s a relaxing story-driven game where you explore the quaint village, prehistoric terrain, rugged moorland and more - in search of knowledge and mysteries to solve.

We want the moorland to feel rugged, powerful, nudging you to believe there could be something other worldly out there. We want the village to be quaint (with an undercurrent of modern): the quintessential chocolate-box village.

Which leads us to the question we are currently asking ourselves: What makes a quintessentially quaint village?

Is it…?

  • Thatched roofs
  • Pastel painted windows
  • Hanging baskets
  • Cobblestones
  • Old-style shop signage
  • Rivers and streams with stone bridges
  • The sound of livestock in nearby fields…

We’d love to hear what you think should be part of a quintessentially quaint village. Feel free to get in touch!

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