Introducing Cultivate: Before Time

08 Apr 2019
Written by Jenny

Hello all, we’d like to introduce our new game, Cultivate: Before Time!

Combining farming and a mystery-based branching narrative, Cultivate: Before Time is Stardew Valley meets Oxenfree with a prehistoric sci-fi twist.

It’s a relaxing story-driven game where you explore the quaint village, prehistoric terrain, rugged moorland and more - in search of knowledge and mysteries to solve.

Along the way, you discover resources and learn to cultivate your land while forging meaningful friendships with NPCs through conversation and working together.

Basically, we wanted to make a nice, relaxing game that had a cool time travel story with dinosaurs in it, and Cultivate is what happened!

So what have we been working on so far?

Jenny has been busy programming the farming and environmental side of the game (think sun rise and weather) and programming shaders to make it look cool, while Gwen has been busy drawing all of the art and developing the game’s stories.

We’ll be blogging about different parts of the game over the coming weeks with lots of screenshots and videos. But here are a couple to start off with:

This is what digging will look like:

You’ll be able to explore at night as well as during the day:

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