Web Development Cultivate Game Writing Course

Our New Website

12 Feb 2019
Written by Jenny

Hello all and welcome to our new website! The blog will be updated regularly with information about our game, Cultivate: Before Time, and our course, Game Writing: Storytelling through Video Game Design. You can sign up to our Newsletter to receive updates about both.

The character stands in front of a dinosaur tail, with the dinosaur hidden by trees, and has 3 dialogue options.

We’ll be adding posts on art, story, music, and devblogs. We’re making both in Unity, so there’ll also be some behind the scenes style posts too.

I recently took a web development course and decided to try putting what I learned into practice. I’ll be updating this site regularly as I learn more. Previously, we used WordPress, but with a bit more knowledge, I decided to try coding it myself using a mixture of Bootstrap and Jekyll to generate a static site.

I started with my own Jen Makes Games site (formally edgeofcode.com) - as a showcase site, it was much easier to build than the Living Ember site. This is mainly because we wanted to include a Living Ember blog which meant looking into static site generators. I went with Jekyll partly because it looked really good and easy to use, and partly because I used to have a hamster called Jekyll, so it felt right!

We use GitHub and Netlify to host the site which means we only have to pay for the domain name.